Thursday, 9 January 2014

Jessie Oleson Moore

Jessie Oleson Moore

Today we’re talking to Jessie Oleson Moore of CakeSpy ( about her cooking experiences as a little chef. Everyone was a little chef once!

Did you cook as a junior CakeSpy?

Yes, mostly cakes and cookies, with my mother.  One of my favorite things to make was “Roly-Polies”, as we called them: leftover bits of pie crust with butter, cinnamon and sugar, rolled up snail-style and baked up to a soft and buttery sort of perfection.

What did you like to cook most?

I know I just told you my favorite recipe to bake, so I guess I will tell you my favorite part of the process: licking the bowl. I was a shark; waiting for the moment it was mine to lick.

What was your most notable kitchen success?

Probably my Behemoth Crumb Cake: triple the crumb. That is a beautiful thing.

Did you ever have a kitchen disaster?

Macaroni and cheese cookies. Seriously, what was I thinking? 

Do you have any cooking advice for our little chefs?

Have fun, and bake often. You'll never get good if you're too busy being discouraged--just keep on baking! Also, remember, even if your cake falls or your cookies are ugly, you can always salvage it by putting it in a milkshake. It will almost always taste delicious. 

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